Welcome to an easier business-owner life!

My name is Yaritseli Rosa and I’m the Founder & CEO of Royal Manager. I have a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice specialized in Forensic Psychology.

I focused on learning what do business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with the most and integrated all the tools(persons/services) needed as a complete service.

“Giving you more time and less worry.”

Mission & Vision

I integrated a variety of tools and services with the vision of giving more time and simplifying the daily tasks of a business owner/entrepreneur in the process of developing and managing a business.

Our mission is to give our clients the necessary tools and services they need to live a normal and happy life without the struggle of having to handle every little detail of their business on their own.

Our goal is to make the on going processes more efficient and more accessible to the customer, while achieving better brand awareness.

“If the load of the responsibility is too heavy, we can share it.”



Take your business to the next level while delegating the hard stuff to us. Here you can find services as Business Consulting, Financial Management, Email Marketing, Web Development and much more.

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We can manage your social media platforms or we can guide you through the process, whatever it is you’re looking for, we can definitely help with. We offer Graphic Design, Content Creation, Community Management, Branding, Copywriting, Ad Campaigns, Publishing, etc.

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We all need a pair of extra hands from time to time (or always, it doesn’t matter), but in which case we got the perfect Personal or Virtual Assistant. Just one call away and all your problems will be handled. Got anything in mind?

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Printing & branding services to elevate your brand’s presentation.

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Find everything you need in one single place. All products are of high quality and are made to make your life better. Contact Us for any inquiries.

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